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Colour is the secret key to my work. I am an abstract artist and I break up images. I specialise in traditional and digital printmaking including painting. I am working on my latest image about my deafness.

Simon Cooper posts a digital image titled 'Wooden Tree'

23 February 2011


I made this image back in 2006 - in a drawing book I took to Stour Valley Arts in Kent. The drawing was made with a thin, wooden branch, stick and a bowel of mud. I mixed it with water - yes seriously - without using a normal brush and commercial colour paints! It was very hard to create other colours from natural resources such as leaves, flowers, tree barks and grasses. Weak in colour and very pale when mixed with water, I found that only the brown mud colours were strong. Once I arrived home...

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Simon Cooper on his abstract world

12 January 2011


multi-coloured image of a face with waves of colour emanating from it

I have always been preoccupied with the language of colour. Colour fascinates me, particularly computer binary colours. It started with colour, paper and screen printing. Then I was attracted to the idea of combining computer technologies with printmaking - and so it has evolved. Colour is very personal and emotional and gives a spiritual energy to my work. Using colour, line, shape, space, and composition, I am able to create unity and harmony in my work and to convey meaning and mood....

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