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STAGETEXT is a charity which provides captioning services to theatres so that deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people can enjoy the latest plays and musicals.

Captions are similar to the subtitles you might have seen on television or on a foreign film at the cinema. Every word an actor says comes up as text on an LED screen (or screens) placed next to the stage or in the set.

Along with dialogue, the captions also include extra information like speaker names, sound effects and musical descriptions.

If you would like to join our free mailing list to receive regular information on captioned shows each month, please use the following link: and click on the ‘Join STAGETEXT Mailing List’ box, or email us:

Access to Museums and Galleries STAGETEXT also provides access to talks in museums and galleries through live speech-to-text transcription. Contact Deepa Shastri, Live Events Officer, for details or to join her mailing list:

Social Groups for caption users
Charlie Swinbourne, our Audience Engagement Officer, is setting up social groups to encourage deaf, deafened and hard of hearing Londoners to attend plays together based on a common interest or in a specific area of the capital. The idea is that the groups will not only encourage more people to see captioned shows at local theatres and in the West End, but also enable them to socialise and mix together.

At the moment there are groups for people living in North West and South West London; others focus on New Plays, Musical Theatre, and another, run in association with a Jewish cultural organisation, for deaf people who are Jewish or have an interest in Jewish culture. For more information, contact Charlie: