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Brother Malcolm Eats His Beans / 4 September 2014

Remember how you hear a political song that has ideas that stay with you forever. No Sell Out does that for me.

Credited to Keith Le Blanc of Tackhead and probably featuring all group members No Sell Out is a collage of recordings featuring Malcolm X, I use a quote in the first line. I love that line and have played with it often. Changing it, paraphrasing it, extending it, turning it into something else entirely. Its something I sometimes call on.

So, its there, ready for use. And so it was today when looking at a funding application that required creative input, i turned on Word and there it appeared in new form.

Having spent no time with it I wonder what I might have missed out, what would make it better so I ask you what else might Brother Malcolm have wanted? Remember... No Sell Out. Malcolm X. No Sell Out. Malcolm X

Brother Malcolm said; “Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate” but he mean’t so much more than this.

Brother Malcolm wanted so much more than Beans
Brother Malcolm wanted to do so much more than dine
Brother Malcolm wanted to be able to get in
Brother Malcolm wanted to get to the table
Brother Malcolm wanted to know what his choices were
Brother Malcolm didn’t want to be harassed
Brother Malcolm wanted to use the loo
Brother Malcolm wanted to be a participant, a planner
Brother Malcolm wanted to be involved
Brother Malcolm wanted his say
Brother Malcolm coolly wanted all those things denied him
Brother Malcolm rightfully wanted the right to eat
Brother Malcolm agitated
Brother Malcolm stirred
Brother Malcolm lifted
Brother Malcolm ate his beans