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I think of you often. The way you were that day we spent together down by the sea / 23 May 2014

I think of this picture often. It has entered my personal mythology. I turned it into a story.but looking at it now I can see that I tell the story wrongly.

In my mind I see a toilet entrance and three signs. One saying gentlemen this way, ladies that and disabled people yet another. I think my story tells it better. I am narrating a tale of language and exclusion. Segregation. 'No whites, no cats, no english'. The ridiculousness of it all. But a Nat King Cole Documentary is being shown on Beeb 4 tonight and the press release talks about discrimination. A white tap, a black tap,a white table, a black table, a white room, a black room but where go the disabled folk?

And there's a sub text isn't there. Language. the way it riles you. It's not just how the good folk of Seaford put this blue plaque to the famous sayings together, a man on the promenade told me about the disabled toilet too. I couldn't help but think what might be wrong with it. Does it spasm when you sit on it, have a major breakdown or what? All I know, is in tandem with the rest of the population I tend to shy away from the disabled toilet. I don't want to use it. I exclude it. In my mind I'm as bad as the rest of them.

And another one. Disabled parking..... is that where all the guys and girls with sticks hang out? Or is it one great big bloody hole where your car disappears.

I'm sure all my gentle readers have their favourite words, phrases and photographs. Would love to see some here.