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> > > Revealing Culture: HeadOn - Portraits of the Untold by Tanya Raabe

By Garry Robson

Sir Bert Massie: oil painting portrait by Tanya Raabe

Sir Bert Massie: portrait by Tanya Raabe

Solihull Gallery is proud to be the launch venue of a major touring show by award-winning visual artist/disabled artist Tanya Raabe. Tanya delved into the public art collections on display in Tate Liverpool and Tate Modern seeking out representations of the untold culture of disability while creating a dialogue with the public around the visibility of Disability Culture in our public art collections.

This research influenced Tanya when devising a new collection of visionary contemporary portraits of disabled cultural figures. These full body portraits featuring sitters both clothed and nude capture the subjects in full flow. The paintings describe moments in time, as they tell us of their achievements that implemented cultural shifts in the way we live our lives today.

Garry Robson Artistic Director DaDaFest International 2010 says of Tanya's work: “Great art comes from a world view, a perspective, which perhaps whilst fixed in time, space and intention throws off all these chains to speak directly to us, the viewers or participants, of our own lives, loves and hates and most of all of our struggles to come to terms with what we are and where we are heading.

Tanya Raabe’s portraits and installations with their daring use of colour and playful reconstruction of bodies and faces go to the heart of her subjects with the ruthless clarity of a surgeon’s knife.

Her work is a perfect example of the unique worldview that deaf and disabled artists, as tolerated outsiders, bring to their chosen milieu. These portraits bring a freshness to the predictable images that line the walls of our galleries. These portraits are strikingly different yet have a universal appeal, speaking to us ultimately of our common humanity and shared destiny.”

Portraits of the Untold is on show at G1 Solihull Arts Complex from 27th June - 13th August 2011
Private view: Thurs 30th June, 6.15pm -7.30pm
Join us for a lovely summer evening as we celebrate the launch of Revealing Culture: HeadOn
Artist’s talk: Thurs 7th July, 6.15pm -7.30pm
Solihull Central Library & Arts Complex, Library Square, Touchwood, Solihull B91 3RG

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and in partnership
with Tate Modern/Tate Liverpool and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
Tanya Raabe Visual Artist