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Oska Bright On The Road –Upstream, Brighton, 24th-26th May 2011 / 27 May 2011

Oska Bright members rehearse presenting their screenings on stage

Oska Bright rehearsing at Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

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By Matthew Hellett, Maggie Dadswell and Sarah Watson

This week we have been showing films at Upstream, part of Brighton Festival 2011. We've been promoting our work, and showing films that are highlights for us from the Oska Bright Library.

We showed our films at Sallis Benney Theatre  and ran question and answer sessions for people who saw them. We met some interesting people – Mick our stage manager, Neil from Independent Theatre Trust and all the artists who showed their work as part of Upstream.

We really enjoyed meeting loads of people from the creative industries from around the UK, telling them about Oska Bright and promoting what we do. It was great to let so many people know about our work.

We did an interview with Stevie and Robin from Upstream and gave them lots of feedback. We told them that it was great to be part of Brighton Festival and hope we will be able to do again. We told them what worked well and what could work better next time. Next time we hope to have a more central point to show our film screenings.

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