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Oska Bright On The Road – Reel 2 Reel residency project in partnership with Tutti at Minda Campus, Adelaide / 20 March 2011

Tuesday 15th March until Friday 18th March 2011

By Matthew Hellett

We have just finished our second residency – it was very successful! The 14 young people that we worked with were really lovely and nice. They made a Silent Movie style film that they called “Dr Spot Makes Cat Burgers”. We hope to have it up on the uScreen website soon.

Everyone in the group was very enthusiastic and lively – full of ideas for film making! We made a script with them, and showed them how to use camera's. We spent a long time showing the young people different camera angles and shots that you can use in film making – eg medium shot and over the shoulder shot. As usual we used Flip Cam's – everyone found them easy to use and said that they would buy one. They asked us all about how to buy them.

We showed lots of films from the Oska Bright archives – the young people found them funny, interesting and said that they had some ideas from them for their own films.

During the evaluation at the end of the week, everyone said that they wanted to go on to make another film – which is really good to hear. This means that Oska Bright is influencing people in the right ways and that film making is having a positive effect on the young people in Australia that maybe didn't have the skills and knowledge before.

The one thing I did find difficult though, was that the place we filmed in was a big institution where over 200 people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities lived. It reminded me of the old “Mental Handicap” hospitals that we used to have in the UK, and it made me feel sad for the people that live there. I am glad that these places have all nearly finished closing down in the UK, and I hope we never see them again at home. Sorry to end on a negative note – but I feel very strongly about this.

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