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Stephen Firschman reports on Oska Bright at 'Picture This...' Film Festival, Canada 2011 / 17 February 2011

Stephen dressed in a suit with an award for 'The beach hut film'

Stephen with an award for 'The beach hut film'

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I arrived in Canada and the first thing that I saw was the snow – it was quite slippery but I enjoyed looking at it.

On Saturday 12th February I went to the Picture This ….. Film Festival Award Gala in a nice posh hotel. My job was to talk about Oska Bright, present an Award and pick up some other Awards for film makers who couldn't attend. First of all, I picked up an Award for “The Piano”, a great little film that we screened in Oska Bright 2009. I really like this film – the piano playing, the weird sounds and the comedy – especially when they hit each other on the head!

After that we gave an Award to the film “Boundless” from Australia – we gave a short talk about the Oska Bright films we were there to present, and asked people to come along and see the films.

Then we picked up an Award for the short film we made in early 2009 with young people from Hillside School in Hove, “The Beach Hut Film” - we had our photos taken with the Awards, which was really good.

On Monday 14th February we went to a film makers lunch – I met lots of people and told them about Oska Bright – I really enjoyed the lunch and meeting so many friendly people.

On Tuesday the 14th of February we showed some Oska Bright films – I had made a short film, scripted by Matthew Hellett, that we showed to explain about Oska Bright. There were around about 80 people there to see our films. They asked lots of good questions about what we do. I hope that some of them go on to make short films and enter them into Oska Bright.

Overall, I had a really good time. Everyone at Picture This... Film Festival was really great – they made me feel very welcome. In particular I would like to thank Denise, Sheryl and Amanda.

We are hoping that we can invite Picture This.... to show some films at Oska Bright in November – we will have to see how the money goes!

See you all again soon!

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