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Oska Bright go On The Road to the Hull Film Festival, April 2010 / 22 April 2010

Maggie and Sarah from Oska Bright present films to the HUll audiences

Maggie and Sarah from Oska Bright introducing films

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By Maggie Dadsbury and Sarah Watson

Maggie and I arrived at Ferens Art Gallery at 9 am. It was sunny but very very cold. We waited ages for them to open the doors so that we could get in to set up for the screenings.

When we got inside, the gallery had lots of room and was great. We had to sort out all of the technical stuff as there was nobody there to sort it out. Simon did a very good job!

We met Sarah from Artslink and Sharon from Flexible Care – the ones from Hull who we worked with to set everything up. They were both jolly, friendly and helpful. We liked working with them.

Loads of people came to see the screenings – especially in the morning. But lots of people had to leave early because of their transport and shortage of day centre staff. It was a real shame!

We asked everyone who came to see the Oska Bright films what they thought about them. We made a short film about what they said.

An audience member said that it was really good to see learning disabled people presenting films. Another person said that the films really showed what learning disabled people could do. The screening day was a great success.

This was Maggies first day On The Road with Oska Bright. Maggie says it was really good, and that she learned a lot about the films and the audiences that come to see the films.

On Wednesday 22nd April we ran the Oska Bright master class at Artslink in Hull. It was brilliant – the building was nice. About 15 people came on the master class, with their support workers.

We think that they learned a lot about film making. Alex sang a great song when we talked about dance films. The film they made was funny because they ran over the robber! in the script-making bit. They made cat noises for cat woman – and it made us all laugh!

Thank you to everyone at Hull – we hope to see you all again in the future!



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