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Oska Bright On The Road – Cardiff / 17 June 2009

Wales Millennium Centre – Unity Festival

By Matthew Hellett and Sarah Watson We left Brighton at 12 mid day. We arrived in Cardiff at 5.30 pm and checked into a Travel Lodge in the relaxing Cardiff Bay. We went to dinner at 7 pm at Wagamama and had a few beers at a local pub. It was Sarah's first time in Wagamama and she liked the food, but not the dessert!

The next day we got up bright and early ready to run our film making master class. 21 people came to the master class – it was brilliant. The people in the master class were enthusiastic and had lots of ideas. They made a film about a cat that was allergic to horses. We thought it was good and very funny. They asked lots of questions about making films, and some of them had some money already to start making their scripts. We are excited about seeing the films that these people make!


After the master class we had a quick lunch and set up to screen some Oska Bright Films – we did this in record time! And fitted in an interview with S4C – the local TV station. Ben the technician at Wales Millennium Centre was very quick and really helped us in every way. All together, 65 people came to see the films and said they enjoyed them.


We are looking forward to going back to Cardiff in 2010 to see all the friends and contacts that we are making there.

Keywords: disability art,film,learning disability