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Oska Bright On The Road – Prague, Czech Republic / 13 November 2008

Matthew Hellett as his alter ego, Mrs Sparkle, together with 2 Czech film makers.

Matthew Hellett as his alter ego, Mrs Sparkle, together with 2 Czech film makers.

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By Matthew Hellett

On Tuesday the 11th November we arrived in Prague and were taken to our Hostel. We unpacked our things and went to lunch.

That evening we went to the Aero Cinema for the Opening Night of The Normal Festival. They had a launch party for The Normal Festival and Oska Bright were special guests.

I talked to the audience about Oska Bright and what we do. Then I got asked by Marketa and Lenka about my film, 'Sparkle' – so I told them about my film and showed it.

There were a lot of people in the audience. People seemed to really like the Oska Bright films. I gave out lots of flyers and key rings so that everyone could know about Oska Bright.

On Wednesday we were part of a workshop – it was led by people from Brno University. The workshop was about 'Identity.' We made a film about monsters and aliens and I was a Fairy Godmother who turned them into angels! There were different phases of Matthew becoming Mrs Sparkle. We showed this film on Thursday the 13th November in the evening, as part of the Closing Ceremony.

Oska Bright are now hoping to have a partnership with The Normal Festival and Inventura. We hope that this continues the good work that we have started together.

We are also hoping that lots of people will be entering their films into Oska Bright from Czech Republic.

I found the people from The Normal Festival welcoming, warm and friendly and I would like to thank them for their hospitality.