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Wolverhampton Disability Film Festival / 18 April 2008

Richard West and Matthew Hellett

Richard West and Matthew Hellett

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By Matthew Hellett and Richard West

We left Brighton at 8am to drive to Wolverhampton stopping at Oxford Services for a coffee and a bite to eat on the way. When we arrived in Wolverhampton we arrived at a very nice arts centre called Newhampton Arts Centre; Matthew gave a brief interview on Wolverhampton Community Radio about 'Oska Bright - On the Road' and then we ran the master class with 15 people. After the master class Simon went to pick up Richard from the train station whilst Matthew and Mark gave an interview to Wolverhampton Community Radio. On the radio we talked about Oska Bright 'On the Road' and about how great Brighton is. In the evening we ate a gorgeous dinner at a Jamaican restaurant. The next day we showed the Oska Bright films at a place called The Light-House. Altogether 120 people came to see the films during the day. We enjoyed taking Oska Bright to Wolverhampton and we may go back in 2010.