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Belfast Film Festival / 2 April 2008

Oska Bright Masterclass participants pose in The Black Box

Oska Bright Masterclass participants pose in The Black Box

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By Richard West

Andy Kee and I arrived at London Gatwick airport by train where we met Simon and Mark. Then we flew to Belfast City Airport. In Belfast we got a taxi to our flats which were brand new and very nice and better than a hotel. We had a look around and then took a Chinese Take away back home . The next day we took a taxi to The Black Box, a cinema. We set up the film screenings and then waited for the audience to arrive. On the first day 150 people came to see two of the Oska Bright screenings, then afterwards Andy ran the master class with 15 people whilst I rode my bike around Belfast. In the master class there were three film makers who asked very good questions about editing. The next day we took a taxi back to The Black Box and showed screenings three and four. Richard presented the films with Andy to another 150 people. We did a question and answer session at the end of the screenings. It felt very important for Oska Bright 'On the Road' to be part of the Belfast Film Festival because now they know how to partner with people with learning disabilities.