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Borderlines Film Festival with DASh, Hereford / 10 April 2008

By Stephen Firshman

When the mini bus arrived at my house to take me to the Borderlines Film Festival I was still in bed and feeling very sleepy. We were taking Oska Bright 'On The Road' to be part of the festival at The Courtyard in Hereford. It took five hours to get to Hereford and when we arrived we got everything ready for the Oska Bright master class. 20 people came to the workshop which went very well. After the workshop we went to the hotel which had nice big rooms. In the evening we went into town to a pub where we ate food and drank beer. The next day we went to the cafe in Sainsbury's to eat breakfast, I had bacon and eggs and sausages. We went back to The Courtyard to set up the film screenings and then the audience arrived; the first screening was sold out so when I introduced the screenings I spoke to 127 people. Luke and Chris were making a small film about the day, everyone who talked to them said that they thought the festival was very good and that watching the films made them want to make their own films for Oska Bright 2009. In total 315 people saw the festival in Hereford which felt excellent.