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Oh Deer where are are we?! / 8 December 2014

Lost in Liverpool! But we made it by the skin of our teeth to the Bluecoat.  Thanks to Dadafest for collaborating with us on this event.

We hope to work with them again - their festival is on the alternate year to ours so there could be ways to collaborate in the future.

We met Jordan from Young Dada who was in the film ‘Schoolageddon’ which was part of Oska Bright Film Festival 2013.  We hope they will send us their new film which is a documentary about their city.

We put some changes into action for the VJ workshop and it worked! We think that everyone had a better experience and the feedback certainly seemed that way.

People seemed to enjoy different parts of the workshop - some liked the technology and some liked the visual arts bit.  We had a really mixed age range, from 4 years old to 44!  

Some people were challenged by the films we screened today.  But we don’t care!

It was along way to come and maybe next time it would be good to stay for 2 days and take part in more of the festival.