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Wet and wonderful Wales / 11 November 2014

Day 1

Down the windy roads to Wales we arrived in the lovely countryside in a gorgeous house.

Writing this blog in front of a wood-burning stove to keep us warm! We’re looking forward to tomorrow and our first VJ workshop!


Day 2

We drove across the border and over the mountains into Wales and to the new venue of Celf O Gwmpas.  It’s an amazing space, welcoming and we were given a tour by Shan, the Director of Celf O Gwmpas.

Our very first VJing workshop went down a storm, we had a good mixed audience, with varying abilities.  Some of them had travelled for an hour to come.  

We learned a lot and we have planned how to make the workshop even better next time - we want to use bigger controllers for the VJing and take more variety of art materials.

We showed Young People’s Films at the screening and a school who came to the screening showed us their film which they want to enter into Oska Bright.  

Our day has inspired lots of filmmaking to happen and we are looking forward to receiving lots of films from Wales!