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The Level Centre / 31 October 2014

tina and sarah at the level centre

tina and sarah from the oska bright film festival stand outside the level centre in derbyshire

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The day after our event in Nottingham we travelled through the Derbyshire countryside to the Level Centre, Rowsley. 

We have met people from The Level Centre before, but we’ve never visited where they are based. It was a cool building, a bit like a space age tin can. 

We were running our film making workshop, which we’ve changed since we ran it last time. All the people who took part were lovely. Some of them are hoping to make some films for the 2015 festival and hopefully come down to Brighton for it. 

Whilst we were running the workshop, there was a screening of our films happening next door. It was lovely to hear people laughing at the funny films. 

We were really pleased lots of people made the trip out to the Level Centre to see the films. We hope that seeing them made people want to have a go at making their own! 

After we drove back through Chatsworth, we quite fancy moving in, maybe one day.