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Mission to Plymouth.. / 31 October 2014

Jason and Will at the Funky Llama Club!

Jason and will from the Oska Bright film festival in a nightclub

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Oska Bright at The Funky Llama was colourful, it was loud, it was a nightclub.. the fish police played and they were very good!

We screened some films and ran a VJ workshop.  The film screenings were a bit mixed, sometimes we had very few and sometimes a lot of people.  

As part of our screening they played the feature film Mission to Lars… It was a very emotional film, I thought it was good.  I know it’s real life but I usually tend to like those stories where people go on a journey to achieve their mission.

It was a good experience, I’ve been to Italy and Greece but the Plymouth Funky Llama Club was better than both of those places!