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Salisbury Arts Centre / 27 June 2013

Becky and Adele stand beneath an art installation made of red wool

Becky and Adele at the Salisbury Arts Centre

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The Arts Centre is a converted church -  with a great setup for our visit.  It was weird to leave for Salisbury on a Sunday, we stopped off in London to bring out of retirement the champion profiterole-eater and 1 direction fan - Adele King! she says "I found it good to be On The Road again, I felt relaxed about it. I hadn't worked with Becky before and that went very well."

    The event was good, we got a wide range of reactions from the audience and some people felt challenged by the films - which is good.  We had a discussion about how we put together the screenings for future On The Road events. The staff at the venue were fantastic, very welcoming and professional.  We got the best reactions from learning disability theatre groups.  We'd love to go back there and maybe with a film-making workshop - we think that people would really benefit from this.