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The only way is Oska! / 25 April 2013

Matthew and Becky outside the Hadleigh Old Fire Station

Matthew and Becky outside the Hadleigh Old Fire Station

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We came to Hadleigh Old Fire Station in Essex.  After going around the Basildon roundabout 6 times and taking photographs of the Basildon 'Hollywood' sign, we checked in and chilled out.  We had a nice relaxing dinner - the spicy chips were amazing!

  The next morning we left our hotel, the hot water wasn't very hot but the lady on the checkout desk said we all smelled lovely anyway!

The satnav guided us smoothly into Hadleigh and we arrived at the converted fire station where we were showing some films.  We were working in partnership with Castlepoint Association of Voluntary Serfvices, who welcomed us and introduced us to a friendly audience of people from the council, schools, colleges, care providers and NHS people.  It was a really good networking opportunity and we met loads of people who are interested in working with us.

We got our pictures taken every 5 minutes by local press, and we talked to the people from Castlepoint about how they do their marketing and press.  The films went down well and the audience reacted a lot to them. We got some great feedback on our questionnaires.

We wished we could have gone to the beach and chilled out afterwards, but we had to head back to Brighton.. We hope we'll be back in the future to work more in Essex. Ta ta for now!