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Oska Bright at the Picture festival in Canada! / 14 February 2013


Day 1.

Friday morning – 5am, freezing cold and far too early for my liking!!  Arrived at the coach station – everything was still dark, the sun began to rise as we reached Heathrow.  12 hours later we arrived in Calgary – Canada!  We were met at the airport by Sheryl, the ‘Picture This…film festival’ Director.  I was mega-excited to be there.  The hotel was right in the middle of the downtown area of Calgary.  We went exploring and bought some essentials – coffee and sugar!



Woke up to the snow!  Today was our day to explore Calgary.  The city is on a grid system, with avenues running north to south, and streets running east to west.  It is very difficult to get lost –which is good for us!

We went up the Calgary tower, 600 metres high, and stood on the glass-floored viewing platform! But that wasn’t the highlight of the day – later that evening was the Picture This…film festival Awards Gala – where we received the most amazing award!  I gave a speech, cracked a joke which got a laugh, then went home and crashed!


Day 3.

Peter, who works with the festival, kindly offered to drive us and some other film-makers to Banff – which is right in the middle of the Canadian Rocky mountains.  The town was pretty nice, the mountains were amazing- we decided to climb one! After 3 hours of non-stop climbing through the snow, ice and rock (only joking – we took a cable car!) we arrived.  The view was exceptional. We all had a brilliant day in Banff.


Day 4.

Today was the opening day of the Picture This…film festival and the day that I present the Oska Bright screening.  Our screening was at 1pm, it went really well, I followed up with a Q&A session which again went well, there was a University student who was really interested in our festival for her studies, and we also spoke to someone from the Alberta government, who was interested in our work too.  We left a load of flyers and business cards and we hope we get more films from Canada!

That evening we went out with some film-makers to the lively ‘Kensington’ area of town.  We had some food and drinks and on the way back we had a bet about how deep the river was.. which I lost!!


Day 5.

We had a good talk with Sheryl and look forward to welcoming Picture this…film festival to Oska Bright later this year.  We got some awesome Picture This…film festival T-shirts.  Sadly it was time to leave – I wished we could have stayed longer.. I’m looking forward to the day Oska Bright goes back to Canada – hopefully I might be able to go again!

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