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Jason flying solo in Nottingham! / 11 December 2012


Hi everyone, it’s been a very VERY busy week for me! It started on Wednesday at Hove Museum, doing a film shoot for our new project ‘Celebrities On Celluloid’ – straight from there we dropped off and picked up stuff at the office, and then headed off to Nottingham!

The next day, we got up extra early and got lost roughly 5 times on the way to the cinema.  we arrived on time, luckily! and set up for our screenings.

The venue was the Broadway Cinema and it was pretty damn good! It was a very good space to meet people and the screening room was spacious and modern. 

This was my first time on my own and I was extremely nervous, and I didn’t have anyone to fall back on! The audience turnout was great, we had about 100 people watch the films.

When it finished I was excited that I’d done a good job and secondly relieved that it was over and I didn’t have to worry about it!   We met some good contacts and we really hope to return and show some more great films!


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