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Oska Bright On The Road – Leicester / 2 November 2012

Matthew and Becky presenting Oska Bright at Embrace Arts in Leicester

Matthew and Becky presenting Oska Bright at Embrace Arts in Leicester. Photo by Mark Richardson

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By Becky Bruzas and Matthew Hellett

We had a long and exciting day at Embrace Arts in Leicester on 1 November.

We did 5 screenings in all. Three in the afternoon and in the evening we showed Films in a Foreign Language and Films From Everywhere 1 – all from Oska Bright 2011.

Then we did a Question and Answer session. It was fantastic! We met a student doing a case study on disability arts from the University of Leicester who will be writing about Oska Bright.

Becky says, “This was the best Oska Bright ever. Being in Oska Bright has made me proud of being disabled – I want to stand on top of the world and let my voice be heard!”

Embrace Arts was a lovely community arts centre – well equipped, accessible and welcoming. We look forward to getting films from here in the East Midlands for Oska Bright 2013.

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