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Oska Bright On The Road – Bradford, 1st May 2012 / 2 May 2012

Jason and Sarah running a Question and Answer session

Jason and Sarah running a Question and Answer session

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 By Jason Eade and Sarah Watson

We set off to Bradford to visit Mind The Gap Studios and show some Oska Bright films. It was a very damp day and the motorways were misty with rain – so we watched “Underworld Revolution” in the back of the car.

After about six and a half hours we arrived in Bradford and had a really nice Indian meal – and discovered Indian tea!

Then we arrived at the Studios. We met Dave the technician and lots of other staff. We set up and then had a practice of introducing the films and our presentation, checking our scripts were OK.

We started showing films at 6.30 pm with “Films from Everywhere – Screening 1”. Then we had a quick break where we all had cake that Charli had made. The cake was lovely and light – thank you, Charli!

Fifteen minutes later we came back to show, “Films from Everywhere – Screening 2”, followed by another break. Altogether we did six interviews on our Flip Cam with audience members about what they thought of Oska Bright On The Road. People said that they were very impressed with Oska Bright and what we are doing.

Then onto our final screening, “Films by Young People – Screening 2”. These films went down really well. After this, we tried to show the film that some of the audience members had made in their film making workshop before we started screening – but it wouldn’t work! Hey-ho. So we carried on with our Oska Bright presentation and had a Question and Answer session. There were some very good questions. One of the films provoked lots of discussion around discrimination. The film, “Best Interest” made people sad because some people aren’t “allowed” to have relationships with one another.

It was Jason’s first Oska Bright On The Road: “I was incredibly nervous at first. Sarah was very supportive. I psyched myself up and got on with it. After it was finished I found I’d really enjoyed it. I’m really looking forward to the next one.”

We really enjoyed Oska Bright On The Road Bradford and we are looking forward to the films that some of the audience members will be sending in to Oska Bright 2013.

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