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Oska Bright On The Road at Cinovate ( ), Newport, Wales / 14 February 2012

Sarah Watson with colleagues

Sarah in discussion with Rachel and Jonathan at Cinovate

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 Friday 10th February 2012

By Sarah Watson

We found the University in Newport very hard to find – the sign for it was so small! It was a big building, and it was hard to find our way around the inside, too. But when we met with the Cinovate staff they were very friendly and welcoming.

We were part of a Panel Discussion during the morning. We met the people on the Panel with us – there was Rachel Castell who talked about “Support Your Local Cinema” and Jonathan Caouette, an American film maker. The Chair was James Mulligan from Cinelan.

My presentation was 2nd – I’d made a Poerpoint to help me – and I showed the film “Unusual Journey” by Matthew Hellett from Oska Bright 2007. It seemed to go down very well. There were some questions straight away, and a discussion. I’ve done a few presentations and Question and Answer sessions now, and I’m getting more confident at it. I really enjoyed being part of this panel.

We talked to Zoom and two students from University of Wales who want to work with learning disabled film makers. We talked about coming back to train them and being part of their March 2013 Festival – I hope it happens! We hope we can work with Disability Arts Cymru on that, too!

It was an honour to be part of Cinovate 2012 – we hope to keep on working with them and come back soon. Thanks to Hannah for organising everything with us.

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