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Announcement for 'Gold Run' / 5 January 2012

Happy New Year to you, we hope 2012 is really good for you!

It’s Sarah and Matthew here from the Oska Bright Committee – we have some exciting news for you. Over the last year we have been making films with young people with a learning disability, and by March 2012 we will have made 5 new films – phew!

They will all be shown as part of “Gold Run” – a new multi-media show that Carousel is putting on in partnership with Glyndebourne and Pallant House Gallery. The show is about learning disabled athletes. It celebrates their return to the Paralympic Games at London 2012 after years of being banned.

“Gold Run” has our films, a new choir of learning disabled young people singing live with David Rushbrook – an opera singer with a learning disability from Dagenham, and a giant head made by sculptor James Lake!

The show is set in a sports stadium where a Sports Coach is training up a new bunch of Paralympic Athletes. They sing about their dreams and the things that stop them from making their dreams happen. James Redwood from Glyndebourne has written some new music and the choir and David have written all of the words.

The first show of “Gold Run” will be at Glyndebourne Opera House on Sunday the 1st April at 3.00 pm. You can book your tickets on the Glyndebourne website here: