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Oska Bright Presentation at “Conquering Public Spaces” Conference, City Library, Prague / 15 November 2011

Matthew from Oska Bright filming with TV Glad from Denmark

Matthew from Oska Bright filming with TV Glad from Denmark

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By Matthew Hellett

We went to this conference from 11 - 13 November in Prague that was put on by one of our past partner festival’s in Prague, Czech Republic – The Normal Festival. I gave a short speech about Oska Bright and showed 'The Royal Bite' from Oska Bright 2007. There was no time for question and answers, which was a shame.

After me, my colleague DJ JJ from the Shut Up And Listen Radio Show at Carousel, gave a short presentation and played a bit from the radio show. He was great! But he didn’t have time for questions and answers, either.

We met lots of interesting people from international organisations that support people with a learning disability to make their art – like our old friends from Non Profit Media in Hungary, and new people to us like TV Glad from Denmark and Banner 16 from Germany. We hope we can work with them in the future.
We also met up with our old friends from Tutti Arts in Australia – James, Pat and Lee – it was very good to catch up with them again.

Overall the conference was interesting but not very accessible. We think that any future conferences they do need to be more accessible and inclusive, and shouldn’t just be people saying what they do. We need to conquer those public spaces, not talk to other people who do similar work to us. We need to be doing more than just talking, anyway – don’t we?

I hope to see some of you at Oska Bright 2011 – from the 22nd to the 24th November 2011 at Brighton Dome’s Corn Exchange – if you haven’t got your tickets yet, call us on 01273 234734 or email us at

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