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We are the Oska Bright steering committee and in this blog you will find about our experience of taking our film festival across the UK and abroad. Go to the dao directory for a link to the Oska Bright website. You can also read about the next Festival, which takes place in 2013, and find details of how to enter your own film.

Oska Bright Presentation at “Conquering Public Spaces” Conference, City Library, Prague

15 November 2011


Matthew from Oska Bright filming with TV Glad from Denmark

By Matthew Hellett We went to this conference from 11 - 13 November in Prague that was put on by one of our past partner festival’s in Prague, Czech Republic – The Normal Festival. I gave a short speech about Oska Bright and showed 'The Royal Bite' from Oska Bright 2007. There was no time for question and answers, which was a shame. After me, my colleague DJ JJ from the Shut Up And Listen Radio Show at Carousel, gave a short presentation and played a bit from the radio...

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