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We are the Oska Bright steering committee and in this blog you will find about our experience of taking our film festival across the UK and abroad. Go to the dao directory for a link to the Oska Bright website. You can also read about the next Festival, which takes place in 2013, and find details of how to enter your own film.

Oska Bright On The Road in Israel – our meeting with the Israeli Cultural Affairs Department at the Israeli Embassy in London

16 February 2012


Sarah and Matthew after their meeting at the Israeli Embassy

 Wednesday 15th February 2012 By Matthew Hellett and Sarah Watson We just had a lovely meeting with Iris Ambor and Lark Bieberfrom the Embassy of Israel. They are the Counsellor for Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Officer and they want to see if they can work with us to see if we can bring Oska Bright to Israel. Once we were in the Embassy it was really nice – they had lovely, beautiful chandaliers! It was an amazing building. We have never been to an Embassy before....

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