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Brighton punk rockers Heavy Load added their brand of anarchy to DadaFest 2008

As well as showing their Film about Happiness - soon to go on general release - Heavy Load played the final spot on The Sideshow, an evening of rip-roaring performances in the A Foundation's Furnace on Thursday 4th September

Colin Hambrook

It was so good to see Brighton's bumptious, loud and anarchic Heavy Load, rocking the night away. The audience was restrained in comparison with the kinds of response I've seen at Heavy Load gigs in the past - more to do with too many tables hogging the auditorium than the wild performance they gave. Heavy Load drummer Mike did the band proud with a sterling bashing unstoppable bashing of his drum kit right through their set.

This band have touched the zeitgeist taking punk rock full circle. They embody the fun, give it a go and piss in the face of convention, mentality of the movement that took the 1970s by storm. They keep it real because of who they are. Punk started with the Ramones and other bands who exploited the idea of doing a parody of learning disabled people. And now we have a learning disabled band parodying the Ramones. They do a song about going to the USA which is a direct steal. Heavy Load are going from strength to strength - launching their film at the ICA and being asked to support The Blockheads. Way to go!

Bonny Cummins

Well I love punk and went though it at the time and you always re connect with the true movement. These guys are the genuine article. They were electric and anarchic from the minute they stood on the stage and owned it. Was having to restrain myself from moving to music as I was trying to get good footage. The crowd loved them and kept cheering for more and they came out to do an encore looking surprised.

Loved their version of Bee Bop a Lula and their cover of Kylies I can't get you out of my head, - a far better version than hers.How cool are they and of course had to be from Brighton. You did us proud lads!

Go to Heavy Load's website to find out more about the band and their Stay Up Late campaign