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Artist and wordsmith, whose work engages with issues of access, from acknowledged physical needs to perceived symbolic exclusions. After being selected as one of DAO's New Voices in 2011, Gini's online presence has become an integral part of her arts practice

My 2012 day (does include a performance of Menage a Trois by Claire Cunningham)

9 September 2012


Duplicate of the Demons image from the previous blog, this row of crutches now has candle wicks with flames burning from five of them.

Shambolic as it turned out to be, my London 2012 day was an accidental success, so sitting in the dark with a dubious view of the Queen Elizabeth Hall stage, the edge of my apprehension was blunted by an ok exhaustion. My first impressions of a group of murderous sticks served to reinforce the stereotypes generated by my crutches Fred and George; I sent frequent glances towards the putative security of the exits. Nameless as Claire Cunningham's crutches were, they still managed to sign Fred and...

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26 July 2012


Pebbles spelling out the word MonoLympic on  white background

MonoLympic has only one sport, only one category, only one concept: access. The torch has been lit and you have been chosen to tweet the flame.   Countdown will commence one quantum moment from the designated start, which will inevitably be in advance of the allocation of the first metal (lump). And the nominations are... Well, in the spirit of equality and freedom of access, the committee invite you to nominate your all-time, show-stopping, mind-boggling access issue. Under the MonoLympic...

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London 2012: 3

23 July 2012


The very flat, mummified body of a splayed rat, pale against dark grey paving

Cultural Exhaustion eventually overpowered our group and a relaxing trip down Regent Street was prescribed to restore our energy. Out in the commercial world Chinese texts popped up here and there, 'made in China' clothes and objects brought soothing familiarity and the stress of strangeness receded somewhat. Unable to help with the search for typically English food, I accompanied my friends into PizzaHut, where we battled our way through the complexities of ordering food we might recognise and...

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Mutilated tans and a duck cenotaph.

5 June 2012


A view across the pond to the island Tea House with Sky-scapers in the background

I seek Japanese fabric. Something on a roll, where I could ask for a metre or two. I love the colour aesthetic here, and the use of texture. I feel the need to take some of it home with me. This fabric lives in the past. It comes in one narrow width, one long length - it comes in a Kimono quantity - a 'tan' - ca 35 cms wide and twelve metres long. Linen or silk, sometimes cotton, each with it's own tradition of weave and colour. And each weave or colour has it's own traditional application: the...

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Chopstick impressions, access and flying solo.

1 June 2012


Semi abstract picture of a woman drawn with Chinese ink and pigments, in a slim wooden frame, seen with reflected city-scape in shop-window..

I've had a disagreement with a woman in an art gallery. We were discussing; I was talking about the visitors to galleries, she was talking about the exhibitors in general and the artist exhibiting there in particular. I said that Japanese took art very seriously. She declared that he had a free and easy style and Japanese art was very varied. We politely agreed to disagree when suddenly she realised what I was trying to say, looked discreetly around, and then totally agreed with me. We...

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Crowds, cat cafes and Teleporting.

30 May 2012


A view of the entrance to the excitingly named Tokyo Teleport Station.

Tokyu Hands (pronounced Tokyo Hanz) was reviewed by the New York Times as 'the' department store for the serious home owner and hobbyist, it has also been described as a 'makers paradise'. Floors of fascinating items, many only available in Japan, tempt me.  Countless arts possibilities reawaken as shelves full of curious and useful items demand attention. I want to take one of the stores home with me. We visited the flagship store at Shibuya, but at Ikebukuro they also have a cat cafe,...

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