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Energizing (Preparing for second meeting at Spike Island) / 2 March 2011

“Meltdown” and recovery images may possibly be a fruitful avenue to explore. I can imagine beginning by collecting images and maybe setting the whole thing within the context of my journey to Tokyo and back. There will be a parallel evolution as the internal and external changes and influences affect who I am and who I perceive myself to be.

This could also be the right time to explore working with moving images and to do more thinking about changing/relative states of being.

I could be taking on too much. I want to be alert to the symbolic aspects of Japanese culture and society and how they impact on disability. And I want to be able to relate this to my own experiences in Europe and Africa. I want to be open to the possibility of being changed and to appreciate new contexts. But I do want to have some fun and enjoy the cherry blossom too! It may also be useful to bring this general process under the spotlight at Spike Island.

I could bring poems in their “Unhinged/Hinged” context and then also in their separate contexts of “(it might be disability but) it’s Still Life” and “Divided”. (That would be two poems – together in their “exhibited words” context and separately in the context of an installation and a radio play).

It is a small example, but I think enough to illustrate the process and yet still remain physically manageable for me.