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First reactions (Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am) / 10 February 2011


Ergo sum
Ergo, I begin.
there is more.
There is more
and I grow.
I consume and I
need; always more. New
growing, hungry, waiting.
Needing new; always new
Consuming, devouring,
exposing, concealing. Old
new, growing, storing adjusting.
Seeking the New Voices. Saving,
storing voices, more voices: new thinking.
Growing, knowing. Wider, wider. Saved
a squillion exabytes awaiting
my capacity to think. Cogito?
I store, I save, I reveal, I compare.
surely sum.
I think I am.
Ergo sum.
Cogito ergo sum

Being part of New Voices 2011 is both exiting and very scary. As an artist I love to exhibit my work and to be involved in the reactions of its audience. Even just being there to watch or listen lets me feel I am still its guardian and with that, the illusion of control.

My artist likes to feel in control. And the shy, private person that is me hides behind my louder, opinionated artist, but still likes to feel she is able to exert a little modifying influence. Can this happen online? Or will my artist be set free from constraints she normally takes for granted. And will she make any impact, or be swallowed into obscurity? This is scary.