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Tokyo Christmas and New Year - Juleaften / 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve day, so light and bright, even if there are clouds in a less than perfectly blue sky. The klejner (Christmas biscuit) dough has rested in the fridge overnight, to be rolled out, cut, twisted and deep fried at this very late stage in the proceedings. 
Everybody warns me that already tomorrow evening, latest the 26th, all signs of Christmas will be gone. New Year is the big unmissable event and preparations are already underway.
Chinese New Year celebrations involve families all getting together, cooking and eating as they go on the night, so here in Japan they might just be SinoScandiBrit biscuits... 

Modern technology fills the apartment with almost familiar Christmas music. Our festive food seems strangely complicated in a kitchen designed for Japanese cooking, but it is recognisable and differently delicious.

Today we celebrate, we feast upon the harvest, the bounty of 2014, we rejoice that the dark days give way to lighter brighter moments and ponder the mystery that makes people more than what the eye can see or the hands can grasp.

How you live it, what you make of it,
where you leave your mark;
life unfolds challenges, scarily big and 
cheerily tiny. 
The paths we choose to take,
the memories we make are who we
choose to be; people
we become, the content, DNA
of humanity.
Each one of us unique,
elemental moments in the grand,
the bigger, picture.