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Unlimited missing / 8 August 2014

Oh no! I won't be there. I'm so sorry; truly sad, mostly for myself, but also because I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I can't make it and it's definitely not because I feel like the second is an anti-climax; after the first one I'm even keener on a second.

I was like that with my own children. Sort of timid about the first: over-the-moon, but scared of the unknown. And then, well words fail me. It was amazing, he was amazing and I couldn't wait for baby number two.

As it happened, baby number two was a miscarriage. Now I have this legacy of uncertainty that lingers disconcertingly around every pregnancy I care about. 
This one is no different. 
Most times I worry without cause...

Like a pregnancy, Unlimited grows
with a sense of anticipation. This
second child will emerge without fanfares
of Olympic proportions; without the
international attention bestowed
by visitors to games of another
culture. The head is crowning when public
empathy, when solidarity with
diversity and disability
is in free-fall. It may be up to us,
the family, to give this birth all the
attention and celebration that proud
people can rejoice to offer new life;
hope around which family, friends, lovers
and neighbours might meet to build a future.