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'People Like You' - a life of its own / 6 March 2013

Tuesday started earlier than I am comfortable with, but I needed to be there for the grab rails. They require a lot of holes drilled in the wall and I'd hate to have to ask the team to make corrections. I do have a very clear idea of how I'd like them to sit and I am very pleased with the result. The template supplied by Shaun at Ozweld proved really helpful.

I'm also pleased with the initial reactions of people passing through, I've overheard some lively remarks from all age ranges. This has me thinking that 'People Like You' conversations could be fun, possibly even flattering to my ego, it may be harder than I thought to remain impartial.

Displaying the texts for 'People in Con.Text' is another matter. Unlike 'Underwater Con.Text' I want them to have an element of discovery. Displaying a box of scrolls fulfils that need, but I sense from my co-curators that they are not impressed with my choice. Maybe my subconscious will find a solution while I think about other things...

Standing opposite the grab rails, reflecting pink, Kouros and Koure appear to be fulfilling their mission. But where the space opens out and 'Creating the Spectacle!' transforms the Salisbury Arts Centre gallery into an underwater environment, Kosta, Jessie and Fons, morphed from their earthbound state, acquire, by association, a spectacular new freedom. It dawns on me that this impression, being so much easier and more comfortable to live with, the narratives these figures will construct with their audience will be so different from the narrative of their creation. This 'prodigy-child' reaches out for a life of its own.

Gravity and gravitas melt,
the solemn is overlapped
by shoals of silver fishlets.
The reaching roots float
free like zero-gravity hair.

Suspended from solid oak
Kosta embraces the notion
that released from the constrictions
of the man-made geography
of his conception he will
construct a whole new conversation;
brand new relationships with
unformed, unmanipulated space
alive with fledgling
possibilities, with
nascent hope
for a new-born
quality of life.