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Gothic Lolita and Princess Trees / 7 June 2012

a photograph taken at night of a tower which can be seen only because of its lights

Tokyo Tower by night. Image credit: Gini

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Googling for occasion clothes, I discover that the kind of frilly baby-doll outfits mentioned in 'Symbolic clothes and Kimono' are in a style labelled Gothic Lolita. Mmm; says it all, I guess.

Sun sets early in Tokyo, and the warm night air lights up with city living. The Gothic Lolitas who have prowled in packs by daylight, melt away; daydreams insubstantial. Groups of Suits gather, fill the streets with contained anticipation.

Negotiating space to pass 'Gentlemen's Clubs' advertising live nudes, I get to practice my almost forgotten 'excuse me' phrase. I exist outside of their narrow focus, I have become a different kind of invisible; the kind that promises safe passage.

A line of suits on the gutter side afford me a clearway, but as I begin the roll-past an equal and opposite line emerges and I am trapped between them. With great formality, and loud exclamations both lines bow deeply towards me-in-the-middle.

I Process Like Royalty - wondering and delighting in my invisibility.

Tokyo is warming, rain is more frequent, the humidity rises and large insects swarm silently. Soon cicadas will emerge to sing, and Paulonia wood will come into its own.

Said to keep clothes dry (damp mould being a serious problem), the Princess Tree was traditionally planted at the birth of a daughter and the wood then used to create a chest of drawers for her wedding gift. Today Paulonia is prized for it's warp resistance and used in skis, surf-boards and guitars.



The fast growing Phoenix Tree
is the Green Goddess
of reforestation. The
Ultimate Renewable,
she regenerates
from root-stock, grows
twenty feet in a year
in her eager youth, and
miraculously reclaims
stressed earth, increasing
possible food production.
The Princess Tree, saviour
of us all, also sounds
good in the body
of a Dean ML XM.