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By Colin Hambrook

BlindArt is a visual arts charity set up to encourage participation and interaction of visually impaired people in the sighted domain of the visual arts.

BlindArt promotes artists; both sighted and visually impaired, to showcase their work through competitions, exhibitions, fairs, shows and private commissions.

Their exhibition at Hove Museum & Art Gallery until 5 September 2010, hosts a great variety of artwork, installation pieces, large sculptural pieces, paintings, and 3-D artworks. All of the work has been made with the intention of being experienced by the audience either through touch or through sound.

There are some novel and memorable pieces of artwork here. I loved the Laughing Record by Nicola Green. Press a button and a record player sets off a brightly coloured piece of vinyl on a turntable. The recording of laughter that plays amuses, but also has a slightly sinister undertone.

The majority of the pieces on show highlight the sensual nature of touch, exploring the tactile with gusto and imagination. Sometimes bright and breezy, as with Ruth Spaak's Tactile Textures, or soft and furry as with Natasha Lewer's Barnacles.

This is Art without pretention, created with the aim of giving enjoyment to audiences of sighted and non-sighted people.

This gallery shows some of the work on offer. For more details go to DAOs listings pages

Click on this link to go to the BlindArt website