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> > > Attitude is Everything goes to Glastonbury

Attitude is Everything is delighted to announce their third Club Attitude showcase at Glastonbury 2011 featuring beauteous acoustic bards, street folk poetics and punk rock legends inter-spiced with beats, bleeps and signed rap!

Following the success of last year’s explosive showcase, Attitude is Everything has been invited back to Shangri La’s top venue Club DADA.

In partnership with Continental Drifts and Global Local, Glastonbury Festival and Deafzone, Club Attitude presents: Heavy Load, Captain Angelo + Very Special Guests… The Band of Holy Joy  DJ Void, Stella OBE, Deaf Rave DJ’s at Club DADA, Shangri La Zone on Saturday 25th June 2011 2pm – 7pm (Accessible toilet, viewing area & sign language interpretation (Deafzone interpreters).

Suzanne Bull of Attitude says: “Like all arts organisations this year, a decrease in funding meant that we might not have been able to put on our Club Attitude Showcase at Glastonbury 2011. However, thanks to our amazing friends - Continental Drifts, Glastonbury Festival and Deafzone (who are providing the BSL interpreters for free) – and their in-kind support, we are able to put our show on!"

"There is no better way to promote the work of Attitude is Everything and improving Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, by putting on quality, emerging, disabled artists at the greatest festival in the world!”

"In terms of what previous showcases have done for the bands: 2009 was our first Glastonbury Showcase and as soon as we sent the press release out, NME and the Guardian online picked up the story that the festival were putting on disabled artists and then other press followed. We were also inundated with enquiries from other disabled artists wanting to play Club Attitude and disabled people wanting to go to festivals."

"Every band that played the Club Attitude Showcase 2010 i.e. last year also played at another stage – Drugstore and La Rebla Fam played Strummerville, and Bug Prentice played Lunar Lounge. La Rebla Fam went on to record tracks in the studio with the Strummerville producers. It was interesting to note that alongside our Showcase, Staff Benda Bilili played The Other Stage and Stevie Wonder headlined the Sunday night at Glastonbury last year so disabled artists were highly profiled."

"Stevie Wonder made a speech at the end of his set about ensuring the world became accessible: Attitude is Everything knew he was going to do that because we briefed his manager. For one of the greatest artists in the world to specifically highlight access, this is a major shift in raising the public’s awareness, as well as the Glastonbury audience seeing disabled people on the stage. If Glastonbury, a 900-acre farmland site and the greatest festival in the world, can become accessible and put disabled artists on, then so can every other festival."

"Again, we got lots of press, including a feature in a broadsheet – The Independent’s Arts Review. It was interesting to see this time another shift in focus in press reporting; this time, most of the press featured on the actual music that our artists were producing and not purely on the access. Disabled artists inspire disabled people to realise their dreams of becoming artists themselves, especially when Stevie Wonder and Staff Benda Bilili are on the TV for all to see."

"Also I’d like to highlight that as a result of Attitude is Everything working with Glastonbury Festival to improve the access facilities, disabled people’s attendance has increased from 195 in 2007, to 565 in 2010 – and that is only the disabled people that have booked in to use the accessible facilities and the accessible campsite. There may be 100’s more out there in the fields!!"

"Every act in the UK would like Glastonbury on their CV and being able to offer that opportunity, performing alongside great name bands that are supportive of the Attitude ethos, places the performers and Attitude itself in the very heart of cutting edge UK music culture. For me, witnessing some of our acts performing in this environment is like watching the world turn a little bit and that's what we're about."

About the bands and DJ’s:

Heavy Load 
For the last 15 years Heavy Load have delivered their unique slant on punk, attitude and fun - most of the band have a learning disability. More recently they have been catapulted into the limelight with the release of the feature length rockumentary "Heavy Load", opening opportunities to play New York, Glastonbury, Berlin, Denmark and many others... Soon to release on their own label - their 3rd album, and 3rd "Wild Things" compilation of artists with learning disabilities - and continuing their international Stay Up Late campaign (fighting for the rights of people with disabilities to party into the night).... nothing can stop these legends in the making. They were also responsible for the theme tune for the ground breaking hit Channel 4 drama series ‘Cast Offs’ and we’re recently commissioned to provide music for the BBC website.

Captain Angelo 
Captain Angelo formed amid the Tuition fees riots and snowstorms of late 2010. Front man and songwriter Miles-Alex Peckover, decided to craft an organic sound that brought lyrical content and storytelling to the fore. In the lyrics there is a distinct voice in the form of the ‘Guitar Boy’ - torn between a love of natural beauty and the antics of his London at night. His brother, Jonathan Peckover, weaves smokey trumpet melodies around the finger picked guitar while the lilting, angelic voice of Rose Betts duels with the husky, weather beaten lyrics. To add to the textures on display they recruited the quixotic multi instrumentalist Thomas Bush to tangle it all in autoharp and drizzled clarinet. Providing the foundation of this beautiful mess are Geoffrey Threadgold and Nigel Bancroft, providing bass and percussion - always driving and building underneath with a thudding blend of jazz and blues. The hub of the band is Miles-Alex’s South East London bedroom, filled with home-adapted guitars, scribbly notebooks and a piano found on the street.

The Band of Holy Joy
The Band Of Holy Joy were formed out of the 80s South London squat scene by Newcastle émigré Johny Brown. After a hiatus during the 90s, where Johny concentrated on various other projects, they returned in 2002 with the album Love Never Fails on Rough Trade. Since then, eschewing the traditional album-tour-album treadmill, the band have chosen to explore other media, launching their own internet radio station Radio Joy in 2007, and presenting the play Troubled Sleep at the Shunt Theatre in London and The Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle in 2009. Johny has also hosted the immensely popular Mining For Gold show on Resonance FM for a number of years.

The Band’s 1987 track Who Snatched The Baby? was recently included on the MOJO magazine CD, Panic: 15 Tracks Of Riotous 80s Indie Insurrection.

DJ Void
In 1996, DJ Void first experienced Drum & Bass whilst at University in Hull through the New Horizons events. After getting his own decks, things progressed swiftly and led to a series of international events from Belgium to the USA, and appearances at Pure Science, “Best of British” at Bagley’s, HQ, Raindance, Cargo, Electrowerkz and The Big Chill Bar. Radio experience includes featuring for a year on London's leading Drum & Bass station, Rude FM 88.2, being featured in the mix of BBC 1Xtra's Breaking New Talent slot, being Artist of the Week for internet station and being the special guest on San Francisco's Pirate Cat Radio. Since April 2007 he has been producing regular podcasts for Phuture Frequency radio.

DJ Void mixes the light and dark ends of the Drum & Bass spectrum and produces rolling sets utilising productions by both old skool producers such as Digital, Spirit, and Total Science and the new breed such as Data, Jubei, and SPY.

Hailing from Manchester’s Factory Foundation Recordings Stella OBE featured as Massive Attack’s Tour DJ and plays a righteous blend of Breakbeat, Drum n Bass and Dub.

Deaf Rave DJ’s
Deaf Rave is about bringing love and peace with music and visuals for the Deaf community worldwide. Socially they want to party and have fun. It’s all about bringing your passionate self being. Deaf Culture is everywhere and still growing!

About our partners:
We are able to host this year’s showcase with in-kind support from our partners - Continental Drifts and Global Local: “As always Global Local and the Shangri Las field is more than happy to host Attitudes jumping showcase of cutting edge music “

Deaf zone:
DeafZone in it's current form was established in 2009. It's aim is to have a Deaf presence at Glastonbury, to provide information to hearing people and to provide British Sign Language communication support for Deaf festival goers. Deafzone is still in its early days and is still developing but is gaining strength and momemtum with every festival year. We are delighted to announce that this year we have teamed up with Attitude is Everything to interpret their Saturday spectacular. We look forward to seeing you there! :-) "Peace, Love and BSL" - DeafZone

To find out more about Attitude at Glastonbury on Saturday 25 June, 2-7pm please go to the Attitude is Everything website at