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Design 4 Life by Ju Gosling

Design 4 Life, an image from Jo Gosling's Abnormal exhibition

A digital image which combines text with photography. A black and white scan of a foetus in an early stage of development takes centre place against a black background. To the left and right of the image is an alphabet in different brightly coloured letters listed vertically underneath each other, with the capital letters printed in a font which is reminiscent of children's alphabet toys. After each letter, a word continues, printed in white in a plain 'sans serif' typeface. On the left-hand side, the full list reads: Affectionate Brave Cheerful Demonstrative Enthusiastic Friendly Generous Humorous Incorruptible Joyful Kind Loving Merry. On the right-hand side, the full list reads: Non-judgmental Open-hearted Persistent Questioning Respectful Sensitive Tenacious Unique Vibrant Warm-hearted (E)Xceptional Young-at-heart Zestful. (artist's own description from