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a close up photograph of a boy's face against a rural landscape

Morgan Evans, who plays The Runner in Turning Points. Image: courtesy Chris Tally Evans

This is a colour photograph. Artistically, iI is a combination of portraiture and landscape. It is physically landscape in orientation. On the left of the image there is close up of a boy's face. His age seems to be somewhere between 9 and 13. We only see half of his face. The left of the frame cuts down the middle of his face. We see his nose, 2/3 of his mouth, one eye. He is looking at the viewer. He isn't smiling. Just looking. The image is cropped so we can't see the top of his head or the bottom of his chin. His hair is brown and straight and while not long, it is windswept. On the right of the image, we see behind the boy a landscape. It is blurred. Very blurred. There seems to be a path bordered by a grassy verge. A bank on the right side of the path and some brown vegetation which could be bracken on the left of the path which goes behind the boy's image. The boy is though the focus of this image, literally and actually, despite his face taking up less than half of this photograph.