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Breaking Barriers (mixed media)

A multi-layered composition in which the artist has combined painting with many photographs, postcards and badge-like objects to evoke the struggle of the Suffragettes. In the top left we see a fading emblem emblazoned with the word Rethink, floating next to the Houses of Parliament looming over a blue Thames. On the top right two women with white umbrellas stand against a document. Beneath them stands an angel in gold and red. In the centre a group of women celebrate in front of a woman holding a documment in white, green and purple. On the central left another gold and red angel emerges. The bottom left corner depicts scenes which inlcude a prostrate woman born aloft by other women and an Edwardian postcard of two women beating a vanquished policeman with their umbrellas. A woman in a red, black and gold costume sounds a bugle and holds a flowing banner.