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digitised purple image with a set of pants on a washing line

This Pope is Pants © Vince Laws

Vince Laws wants your pants to welcome the Pope

I’m not very keen on the current Pope. I’ve been thinking how I could protest his visit to the UK (September 16-19) and satisfy my poetic and artistic needs, and here’s the solution: Ladies and gentlemen, I want your pants! If there's a pair you never wear lurking in a drawer somewhere I want 15 pairs to peg on a line.

I will print a letter on each and hang them up so they spell out THIS POPE IS PANTS. The more pants I get, the more THIS POPE IS PANTS bunting I will make. If you want to send me your pants for this project, drop me an email vincelaws[at] and I'll give you my address.

Already I have people sending me pants from various parts of the UK, and dropping off pants in venues in Norwich. The Pope has called me an intrinsic moral evil, a deviation, a perversion – so I don’t feel calling him PANTS is grounds for concern, but I better point out these are my personal views and not necessarily those of DAO.


P =Protector of paedophiles

A = Against abortion even for the most vulnerable women

N = No condoms Never

T = Teaching segregation 

S = inSulting to all Sexualities who don't fit his narrow
definition of normal 

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 20 August 2010

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 20 August 2010