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Time for Change

The Norwich Dandies art collective are delighted to be invited to the Time For Change event outside Norwich Forum on Saturday 1 September from 10am-5pm. Time For Change provides a friendly atmosphere and encourages people to talk about mental health while challenging preconceptions and stereotypes.

The Norwich Dandies (Vince Laws, Ann Nichols, Dugald Feguson, and Eloise O’Hare) believe creativity is a valuable part of human well being. We will be bringing the infamous Dandies dressing up box, encouraging people to dress like a Dandy, lie back on the chaise lounge, and have their portrait painted, either by one of us, or a passer-by.

Come and pose! Come and paint! Come and live!

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 15 August 2012

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 15 August 2012