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Katherine Araniello is a performance/video artist and creator of SBC (Sick Bitch Crip). This blog includes her films, digital images and SBC’s latest musings. The concept behind her work is to disrupt and use satire in current issues relating to disability such as assisted suicide, media representation, prejudice, charity, ignorance and body aesthetics.

SickBitchCrips introduce ‘VeeDee’

6 April 2016


Large Hairy Pussy

SickBitchCrips are dripping with excrement over a sluttish new collaboration under the label ‘VeeDee’. The non-binary, gender bender, vagina regina birds are superlative and will make porn that the feebleminded and the weak willed can aspire to. These able pathetic under achieving pussies will make you slip in and out of your wheelchair. They are blissfully frigid and ruthless in objectifying themselves explicitly for the inspiration porn industry. This pair of tits will fuck you...

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SickBitchCrips Appeal for SMA Sufferer and How to Become a Porn Star

21 May 2016


Photo of Katherine with orange hair in her wheelchair in front of a brick wall

A campaign called ‘Help Katherine’s wish come true’ has caught the retina of SickBitchCrips, who don’t support charity. They find it an abhorrent act of humility and patronisation. It is disgusting, belittling and demeaning. As far as SBC are concerned, disabled people are pathetic, just like the rest of us. If they want money they should bloody well earn it and not expect people to give to them out of sympathy. SBC has some suggestions for those who want to make quick...

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Closing Down Ceremony

14 October 2012


Having been inspired by the Paralympics paraphernalia of London 2012 as an audience participant in the Opening Ceremony and watching the Closing Ceremony on TV.  Subjected to relentless coverage of inspirational stories and super humans doing amazing things, we were all suffering from the Paralympics one way or another.  I certainly was inspired by the tremendous atmosphere of the Olympic village and the 'hype the public'  tactics to increase viewing figures. So when I was...

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'A Fistful of Froth' is here!

6 December 2013


a western poster-style image

As promised earlier this year 'A Fistful of Froth' is finally here. In 1858 a lone SickBitchCrip has lost herself in the barren terrain of the Wild West. She has no friends and no idea how she ended up in this hostile unforgiving environment. Survival is only guaranteed by the merciless killing of others. SickBitchCrip must keep her wits about her at all costs, dodging bullets from her buddies, total unadulterated scum who are almost as crooked and bent as she is. The wily mean...

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Katherine's Story

17 December 2013


still from Katherine Araniello's 'normal' video

This work is inspired by a comedy sketch I found on YouTube where an actress plays the role of a 'Lazy Cow'. In my video I perform to camera and play the role of the victim labelled a 'Normal'.  I use clichéd medical sentiments associated with disabled people in my phoney bid to plead to the public to set up a charity and raise money for those of us suffering from this terrible disease commonly referred to as...

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Underwater SickBitchCrips

1 March 2014


One of a groundbreaking series of live-art video works by the infamous British artist Katherine Araniello.

Her latest piece creates much provocation, is this a screensaver or is it art?

Whatever it is it is beautiful to watch and transports the viewer into a euphoric world of fish...

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