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Two photos of Jane McCormick with her head under a well, next to an image of the Virgin Mary holding a photo of one of Jane's sick selfie's

Sick selfie on virgin

Sick selfie on virgin

Holy wells specialising in the curing of specific diseases can be found all over Ireland. Such illness are often reflected in the names given to the wells: Tobar na sul (the eye well); Tobar na plaighe (the well of the plague); Tobar na ngealt (the well of the insane) to name but a few. 

Last weekend I took the waters at St Mullins well in County Carlow which is said to have the cure of both the headache and the plague. I left a sick selfie on the virgin as a offering.

I can declare a miracle... I have not had the plague since I was at the well... as for the headache... well... the less said about that the better...

Posted by Jane McCormick, 8 April 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 16 April 2014