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The last of the Judson's gold. / 8 December 2014

I think I just bought the last 5 boxes of Judsons Gold paint in the whole of Ireland. I have been using Judsons gold since forever as a cheap substitute for gold leaf.

It seems while I was dozing it went  out of production. After much searching online and in art shops I discovered these 5 boxes gathering dust in good old fashioned country hardware store.

The precious: it's little things like this that brighten my day. 




len rawle

18 March 2017

Do you by chance have any Judson's Gold Leaf Paint still left?

Lillie Starr

23 July 2016

I just found a box of this unopened in my Grandfather's shed, but there's no instructions on how to mix ... any thoughts?

Jane mccormick

28 September 2015

That's amazing Brian...this must truly be the very last of the Judsons gold. Where did you find this precious hoard and what's more are you planning to use them all or distribute some to the needy? I have discovered I can buy gold dust and a separate medium from art shop in dublin but not sure if it will be up to the quality of the Judsons but will give it a go. What a wonderful first world problem to have....oh dear I've run out of gold dust!

john berry

28 September 2015

Just found 10 boxes of this stuff

Jane mccormick

1 June 2015

Hi Father Brian

Sorry to hear you have a Judsons gold emergency half way through a project. I have searched high and low on www and can not find anyone supplying it anymore. I even contacted the manufacturer on the box and they are no longer supplying it. The only hope is if you found an old fashioned hardware shop in the back of beyonds who might have a few boxes left in the store. That's how I got my last supply. If you want to give me your email I can contact you if I hear iof anyone that still has a box or two. I have tried various gold enamel paints but none comes near the gold leaf like effect of Judsons.

Best regards


Father Brian Williams

30 May 2015

I am half way through painting the gold rays of a statue of Our Lady - and have run out of Judson's Gold. I didn't realise it is no more. Any odeas for a spare box?

Colin Hambrook

23 April 2015

Precious indeed! It looks superb.

Jane mccormick

20 April 2015

Thanks for that Maeve. I have a spare bottle of liquid That's no use to me as all the powder is gone. I also found a very old bag of the gold powder in a shed at my grandfathers house and once I mixed it with the liquid it worked perfectly so yours should too. If you want to send me your address and I could send the bottle on. Its no use to me without the gold. It's only tiny so would be no trouble. My email janemccormick57[at]

Maeve Bancroft

19 April 2015

Hi Jane,

I found a box of Judsons Gold in My parents attic but there is no bottle of liquid. Any idea what liquid to mix the powder with?

Thanks, love your little gold/white bowls.


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