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Look what came in the post today / 14 October 2014

A badge saying 'Liam Gallagher is not my grandad'

Look what came in the post today

Zoom in to this image and read text description

Having a bed day today and was a more than a bit miserable and then this came in the post.....what a wonderful surprise.

A Liam Gallagher is not my grandad badge and a bonus profile image of Her Very Very Highness herself. Cheered me up no end.

I had forgotten all about my meagre contribution to Scottees Liam Gallagher is my grandad Fund it project back in May. He was planning to turn his grandad into a contemporary artist.

I can't find anything about the project online... does anyone know if it has come to pass? Maybe it did or maybe it didn't... either way Scottee made this nothalfright contemporary artist, in the middle of nowhere Ireland, smile today. 



Jane mccormick

16 October 2014

Thanks for that Colin.glad to hear Liam Gallagher is now on track to become a contemporary artist. I will look forward to seeing his name in the turner prize short list next year!

Colin Hambrook

14 October 2014

I just did a google search Jane and found it at

Looks like they achieved their funding target to make Liam Gallagher an artist in his own right. I reckon it's that smile that's done the trick!

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