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Posted by Jane McCormick, 19 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 21 July 2014

Too anxious to go to the Anxiety Festival

Earlier this year I was too sick to attend the Sick Festival in Brighton and last month I was too anxious to attend the Anxiety Festival in London. Whatever next....

Too tired to go to the Chronic Fatigue Festival, too sad to go to the Depression Festival or too sore to go to the Pain Festival.

This is a sad state of affairs indeed and I decided to address it by sending an email to the Anxiety Festival asking if they were planning to live stream any of their events so that people with anxiety could become part of the audience from the comfort of their own home.

After all, it is their Festival. In doing this I was half joking but fully in earnest at the same time and I really did not expect to get a reply so I was nicely suprised to get a swift response from the Festival Projects Assistant.  

Here is a quote from her email: 

"We really do understand the importance of reaching people who cannot attend and it’s been something we’ve thought about along the way. Unfortunately we have been unable to record or film the events this year but it’s something we do hope to change in the future." 

She also sent me links to any online reviews and publicity for the event which I attach below. Thank you Scarlett. So hang on in there all you who are in pain, or are too sick, or fatigued, or depressed, or anxious, or immobile, or all of the above (and I sure hope no one has all of the above), maybe by next year we will go to our bespoke festivals.... virtually, if nothing else.

Here are some articles/videos/photos to get a flavour of what the festival has been like. You may have seen all of these already! News clip of Anxiety Fanfare rehearsal and interviews-

Article on festival:
The Assessment article and interview -

Errol Francis, Director, article:

Manual Oracle review:

Solaris- Time Out:
Outside In Q&A with Dizziness of Freedom artist:
Video of Liz Atkin performance ‘Curdled’:
Union Dance in Brixton -

Posted by Jane McCormick, 9 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 14 July 2014