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I know the you are not meant to mix your meds with alcohol, but on friday it was the end of intense week of editing at uni, and I thought 'fuck it', and I had a drink. One drink, and only one drink. And all hell broke loose. I started making sexually inappropriate comments to people in my class, and as I am bisexual, I alienated everybody. I even tried to flirt with myself in a mirror. Oh, it was terrible. Then I went home and saw a dettol commercial on tv, and couldn't stop laughing at the bottle of dettol on tv. I spent the WHOLE of Friday evening laughing at Dettol. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Going to sleep didn't help, I twisted my ankle in my bed. Please tell me, how do you twist an ankle in your sleep? Never again, next time, I will give up the meds!

Housekeeping! If you are on facebook, add me as your friend. I am quite a friendly person, just stay clear of me when I mix my meds with alcohol. My email address if anyone wants to contact me is And I still have some copies of my mad memoir 'The World is Full of Laughter' to give away. Drop me a line if you want a copy.

Love Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 23 November 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009


Hey Michelle, that is a great idea to ask people for their meds, I am sure lots of people would be happy to donate their meds!

My idea for the sculpture was to make it lifesize but have a hole where the brain should be and have a hole where the heart should be, because I know a lot of us feel that's what meds do to us sometimes. I was going to then take the sculpture out into the rain and watch it melt away, leaving the real me behind.

People, how many psychiatric meds do you think it will take!

Posted by Nat Rand, 11 November 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009

I am an anti-normal fundamentalist

I have just realised I am an anti-normal fundamentalist. But don't worry, I am not into violence and destruction - the normal world is doing that to itself. But I do think normalisation is a very dangerous process. And should it be a thing to aspire to? If you think so, tell me why? Because I'd rather have on my tombstone:' this person flew, this person didn't want to be in a box, this person did all the things she wasn't supposed to. She wasn't accepted but she created her own world.' Rather that than have on your tombstone: I was normal. I did what I was supposed to do- but I am not quite sure why.'

Hello Michelle, great to hear from you. Believe it or not, I too lack energy and motivation a lot of the time, especially in the winter months. But my art is my life. It is the way I live. So any point of action in my life is usually a creation of art. It is also physically painful for me not to be creative. So I really can't help it. I am happily doomed to be an artist. But so glad to hear there are other schizophrenic artists out there. I used to take Olanzapine too. I even contemplated building a lifesize sculpture of myself in olanzapine, but I didn't have enough tablets!

Posted by Nat Rand, 8 November 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009

Watch these docus about gay murders in Iraq

Hello people, there is a couple of documentaries on Youtube that talk about the sexual cleansing policy of fundamental Islamic death squads in Iraq, who go out to hunt and kill gays and transgendered people. I was happy and lucky enough to help out with this film project. Please spread the word about this if you can. It can be seen at: "part 1" and "part 2"

Posted by Nat Rand, 5 November 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 26 January 2009


Hello there Bol, DAO has the honour and privilege of exhibiting Lux's work. This is a world premiere!

The following images show Lux creating the work 'Bunny Chaos'. As you can see from the 2nd pic she works at manic speed.

She quickly went on to her second work, which was to stuff her toy between my legs. I don't think I like this art piece.


Posted by Nat Rand, 1 November 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009